Dad in Wheelchair Couldn’t Safely Take His Baby on a Walk So Students Design a Way to Help

students design technology for dad in wheelchair

In this positive news story, students design a very special invention to help a dad in a wheelchair safely stroll with his newborn son!

Chelsea is a teacher at a private school in Maryland. And her husband has physical disabilities that prevented him from safely taking their newborn son for a walk.

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"My husband, Jeremy, had brain surgery just over 3 years ago to remove a brain tumor which left him with some physical challenges, some physical disabilities," Chelsea says.

Chelsea and Jeremy welcomed their son, Phoenix, into the world earlier this year. But one question they had was how Jeremy could safely take Phoenix for a walk. That's when Chelsea reached out to the technology lab at the school she works at to see if the students could design something as a solution.

Students Design Way For Wheelchair-Bound Dad To Stroll Son

The students at the technology lab definitely came through! And Chelsea and Jeremy are incredibly grateful. Jacob and Ivanka, two of the students who helped design the invention, shared about the best part of coming up with this successful design.

"Just seeing the smiles on their faces," shares Jacob. "And the relief that it worked," says Ivanka. Both of them hope to study astrophysics when they get to college.

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The students’ design created an invention that allows someone in a wheelchair to safely take their baby for a walk. They call it the We-Stroll. The invention has already won two international design awards.

It is truly a godsend for Jeremy, and he is extremely grateful to have access to this technology.

"I never thought I'd be able to do something like this safely," says Jeremy excitedly. "I feel wonderful, I feel ecstatic."

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How wonderful that Jeremy can now enjoy the simple pleasure of taking his son for a stroll safely thanks to these talented students!

WATCH: Students Design Technology To Help Dad In Wheelchair

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