She Spotted A Man With No Shoes Putting Boxes On His Feet And Immediately Jumped Into Action

man with no shoes

A man with no shoes was blessed when he received a pair from a stranger. And it didn't matter that it was her favorite pair of shoes, she just wanted to help someone in need.

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Ta Leia Thomas, who goes by "Ace", works at a Minnesota liquor store. Recently, her manager saw her walking around the store in her socks, and the security camera footage reveals why.

The video footage shows her act of kindness to a homeless man who had boxes strapped to his feet. Ace saw that he was in need and did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. Without missing a beat, Ace took off her favorite shoes, a pair of purple retro Jordans, and gave them to the man.

"Hey, man. What size do you wear?", Ace asked the man when she saw that he was using boxes as shoes. He responded saying 10, 10 ½. "I just looked around and grabbed my shoes and unlaced them, and just gave them to him right at the door. He said nobody would ever give me shoes like that," she shared. "And I said, well, I'm not everybody."

Man With No Shoes Given A Pair Right Off Stranger’s Feet

Ace said that her act of kindness "was an easy decision."

​​”I didn’t care about the shoes, I cared about him. So, you know, he didn't know me. I didn't know him;I just thought it was best to give him something that he may need," Ace shared. "I was always taught to help others. You never know what their problem is, or what they are going through."

Ace's manager, Tom Agnes, has always admired Ace for her work ethic and the joyful connection that she has with customers. So, Tom decided to buy her some brand new shoes before her shift ended when he found out about her act of kindness.

Ace is also the sole caretaker of her mother, and she gives her mother the bed while she sleeps on the floor. And Tom had raised some money to give to Ace to buy herself a second bed.

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What a caring and generous person Ace is! Her actions remind us all, especially around this time of year, that it is not about what we can get from others but what we can give to them.

WATCH: Man With No Shoes Receives Pair From Kind Stranger

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