Teen Finds Jewelry In Donated Jacket And Instantly Knows What He Must Do

luke coelho found jewelry

Luke Coelho, a 17-year-old senior at South High Community School in Worcester, Massachusetts, is one very special young man!

Luke recently transferred from Brazil to attend school in the United States. He understands that integrity and honesty are values that are appreciated in all countries and cultures.

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And Luke Coelho didn't hesitate to exercise both when he found a pocket full of family treasures left behind in a donated jacket.

The Honorable Integrity Of Luke Coelho

Andy's Attic is a clothing donation program at Luke's new school, and Luke recently received a donated jacket through the program. No doubt, Luke will find the northeast of the U.S.A. to be a lot colder than Brazil. So, to be prepared for winter, he got a few items from Andy's Attic.

Local resident Dave Kenney donated the jacket. He'd been purging around his house and brought in the jacket, which had his name on it, along with the name of a company that no longer exists.

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When Luke put on the coat, though, he found much more than a warm outer layer. Inside the pocket, Luke discovered several pieces of jewelry, including two Gucci watches, a bracelet, and two diamond rings!

Immediately, Luke Coelho told his aunt Taryn Souza, and they set to work trying to locate the owner of the items. With some detective work, they were able to find Dave. Of course, he was thrilled to receive the prized pieces back, but he hadn't even realized they were in the jacket!

Meaningful Item Returned

Earlier this year, both Dave's mother and wife passed away, so he was especially grateful to have back the wedding ring he'd bought his wife and items that had belonged to his mother. Dave stated, “This fine young man did the right thing and his aunt. I totally appreciate what they did for me and my family.”

Dave was so impressed with Luke's actions that he found the teen a job!

And Luke Coelho? Well, with the wisdom of a person well beyond his age, he described what happened. "Like a week of blessings," reflected Luke.

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"Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!" Psalms 32:11

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