Worker Searches Sweater Accidentally Donated to Goodwill And Finds $42,000 Cash Inside

accidentally donated to Goodwill

A new Goodwill employee found a large collection of cash that was accidentally donated to Goodwill in a pile of clothes. She reported it missing instead of keeping it all to herself!

If you think you would have a hard time passing up $42,000, you're not alone! After realizing the stacks of $100 bills weren't fake, Andrea Lessing quickly reported the found money. She showed the goodness in her heart and humanity rather than taking the money for herself, even though she knew she needed it.

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Andrea said people accidentally donate odd things to Goodwill all the time. One of the roles she has at her sales associate position involves going through every single item donated to her store. She said, "You want to make sure there’s good product, there’s no stains, there’s no holes, there’s no tears, there’s no rips."

Andrea would have loved to use that money for her 6-year-old daughter but decided it was better to do the right thing for the sake of her little girl.

The CEO of the donation chain ended up traveling to Oklahoma to make sure the right owner safely got the money back.

Rewarding Honesty

Luckily, the money accidentally donated to Goodwill included paperwork leading the store right to the owner.

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And Andrea’s goodness inspired the anonymous donor so much, the person decided to reward her with a gift of $1000 cash.

Cameras caught the moment the CEO told Andrea what the person who accidentally donated the money to Goodwill decided to do. Andrea started tearing up because she couldn't believe that $1000 was now hers.

"I do believe if you do something good, something good will come back to you," Andrea said.

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What would a mother of a 6-year-old daughter plan to spend the cash on? Andrea said she planned to give her little girl the birthday party of her dreams in a couple of months. Andrea's selfless deeds seem endless!

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