Walmart Employee Returns Lost Wallet Full Of Cash And Is Bewildered When Police Show Up

wallet full of cash returned rebecca brown

When 14-year Walmart employee Rebecca Brown found a wallet full of cash, she didn’t hesitate to do the right thing. So, it came as a surprise to her when the police and a news crew showed up later. But in this inspirational short story, they were all there to thank Rebecca for her real-life act of kindness!

We all know the feeling of losing our wallet. So, Alesha Evans was beside herself when she got home and realized her wallet full of cash had gone missing somewhere in Walmart.

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The average American is living paycheck to paycheck. And for Alesha, it was no different. Inside her lost wallet was $500 — her final payment for her month’s rent.

When Alesha got home and realized the wallet was gone, she jumped back in her car and rushed back to Walmart.

Deputy Petersburg Police Chief Travis Christian was in the parking lot when the frantic customer returned.

“Why [is] she driving so fast through the parking lot,” he wondered.

But then Alesha jumped out and ran over to the officer. She was visibly upset, telling him how she’d lost her wallet full of cash inside the store.

“She’s explaining to me she had fallen on some hard times,” Deputy Chief Christian recalled.

Naturally, Alesha feared the worst. In these days and times, plenty of people would simply pocket a wallet full of cash if they found it.

But not Rebecca Brown!

Walmart Employee Finds Wallet Full Of Cash

God had a guardian angel looking out for Alesha Evans that day. It was 14-year Walmart employee Rebecca Brown who spotted the lost wallet on the sidewalk during her 15-minute break.

And she knew just what to do!

Rebecca immediately took the wallet full of cash to customer service. So, by the time Deputy Chief Christian and a panicked Alesha Evans came looking, the wallet was already safe and sound.

“They told me a lady named Miss Rebecca turned in my wallet,” Alesha recalled.

For Alesha, the act of kindness was a true blessing and huge relief. But to the kind-hearted Rebecca Brown, it was just the right thing to do.

“I would want somebody to do the same thing for me,” she said.

So, when a news crew and the police returned to Walmart, asking for Rebecca, she looked confused. But these folks were here to honor Alesha’s guardian angel for her honesty and kindness when finding the wallet full of cash.

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Petersburg Police Chief Kenneth Miller presented Rebecca with a “Community Class Act Award.” And local news anchor Wayne Covil thanked her with flowers and a gift card to help her with her medical bills.

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