Christian Artist Matthew West Shares Special Duet With Boy With Down Syndrome

godupdates christian singer sings with boy who has down syndrome

Famous Christian singer, Matthew West was having a concert in Chicago. It was a very special concert because Chicago is his hometown.

The arena was filled with so many fans who came from all over to watch him sing. All the people in the room was full of excitement, especially Tony, a young boy in the audience who has down syndrome.

"It's day one of the rest of my life".

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Everyone in the crowd is enjoying the concert when the unexpected happened to Tony. Matthew West noticed Tony amongst the crowd and invited him to sing the chorus of one of his hit songs, "Day One". Tony was in disbelief but did not hesitate to grab the microphone and sing the song.


"And I'm marching onto the beat of a brand-new drum, here I come. The future has begun."

The two of the sung together as the famous Christian singer played his guitar. It was amazing! Tony knew every word and the audience was moved. Tony thought that he was just going to a concert, he did not expect for his dream to come true. How exciting it might have been to sing a song with one of your favorite singers!

Matthew West posted the video of him and Tony singing together and the video went viral. What a special moment!

WATCH: Christian Singer Sing With Kid Who Has Down Syndrome

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