High School Students Band Together to Free Mother and Son Pinned Under Car

pinned under car mother and son saved

A mother and son pinned under a car were in serious trouble. But that’s when a group of high school students jumped into action!

Life, for the most part, is an unpredictable experience. Sure, everyone has a general idea of what to expect during an average day. But those expectations can be thrown out the window without notice. Things can change in an instant.

Mother And Son Pinned Under Car

Frightening and horrifying emergencies can arise, putting someone's life in grave danger. That's a sad fact that a mother and her two young children know all too well after they were hit by a car walking across a school parking lot in Utah, according to a video posted on YouTube.

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Fortunately, the little girl freed herself and crawled out from under the car. However, the mother and her son were left pinned under the car. But thanks to the heroism and quick actions of a group of high school students, the mom and her son were soon freed from their scary predicament.

The video shows a group of high school students banding together and crowding around the car. They then picked up the car high enough off the group to where the mother and the little boy were able to get out from underneath the vehicle.

Following their rescue, the mother and her child were transported to the hospital for treatment. The woman underwent surgery, which her husband said "went well."

Grateful For These Teen Angels

The woman's husband is eternally grateful for the students and the school administrators’ efforts to save his wife and young son. He knows things could have turned out very differently.

"Thank you so much," he said. "Like, they were monumental in my family's life."

The stunning clip shows that when people work together and direct their efforts toward a good and worthwhile cause amazing things can happen. It can even save a life.

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Psalm 82:3-4 "Give ear to the cause of the poor and the children without fathers; let those who are troubled and in need have their rights. Be the savior of the poor and those who have nothing: take them out of the hand of the evildoers."

WATCH: Students Help Free Mother And Son Pinned Under Car

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