Incredible Photos Seem To Capture Monkey Giving CPR To ‘Wounded’ Friend

monkey giving CPR

Incredible wildlife photos seem to capture a monkey giving CPR to a ‘wounded' friend!

William Steel is a wildlife photographer, and his images are breathtaking. Taking close up pictures of the wild seems like it would be quite a life-changing experience!

Recently, he was in the Gaborone Game Reserve in Botswana and saw something rather peculiar. Primates are known for being almost human like with their knowledge, but this really just takes the cake!

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William catches an interesting moment where one monkey gives what looked like CPR to another monkey in his troop. The first monkey immediately jumped into action, and appeared to be giving mouth to mouth resuscitation. But in all actuality the male monkey was just taking the opportunity to groom the female.

"In what I can only describe as dramatic fashion, the female monkey fell to the floor, with both legs and arms spread out," said William. He then added, "At first, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. But as I picked up my camera, another monkey came sauntering in grabbing the monkey on the floor by its mouth and seemingly administering CPR."

Monkey Giving CPR Caught In Photo Goes Viral

“On reflection, I think the performance was all a cry for attention from the female. The wildlife photographer explains more on the primate lifestyle. "There is a clear and important hierarchy in the troop, like humans this social community is largely based around ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.' Bonds are formed largely through grooming,"

William seems to have learned a lot over the years from watching these creatures, and shared more about his knowledge, " I have often seen this extended to help clean wounds, and even nurse injured troop members. In my opinion, this compassion can sometimes be manipulated by attention-seeking individuals. It was an amusing moment to capture.”

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We can see that monkeys really are fascinating creatures, and that William does a great job at capturing photographs of them, and we are looking forward to seeing more wildlife images by him!

WATCH: Monkey Appears to Give CPR to Wounded Friend

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