Incredible Woman Helped So Many Teens In The Community And Now They Are Giving Back

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People who do so much for others should never go unnoticed. And this town’s crazy lady is getting praise for all the work that she does for others.

Carol Stark is being recognized for how much she does for the kids in the community. She was dubbed as the "crazy lady" because she will pick up kids off the street and give them a ride to wherever they needed to go.

Carol has a huge heart for kids who are from broken families and feel as though they have no hope. She looks for ways to give them a sense of purpose and hope. The children that she helped all agree that they felt as though she genuinely cares about them and did not want anything in return.

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She bailed several young teenagers out of jail and helped a lot of them learn how to work. There were even children who living in the woods, and every day she went out to make sure they had food to eat. If it were not for her, some of these now young adults would still be homeless and getting into trouble. A few of the kids refer to her as their "second grandmother" and she is proud of them just as if she is actually related to them.

The community gathered together to thank Carol for everything she had done. All of the kids she mentored throughout the years were there to present to her their gift of thanks. They presented her with a foundation in her name with a $50k donation so that Carol can fund vocational training and provide scholarships to the children she helps. We definitely need more people like her in our communities!

WATCH: Crazy Lady Gets Rewarded For Helping The Community

Credit: Facebook/Returning The Favor

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