One Last Kiss: Final Wish of Dying Man Placed in Separate Nursing Home from Wife of 66 Years

one last kiss dying man david mason

David Mason, a man who is terminally ill, just wanted one last kiss with Sylvia, his wife of 66 years. The two are in separate nursing homes and time is running out. And so, the nursing home staff made sure the 90-year-old man’s dying wish was granted!

David and Sylvia Mason have spent 66 years as husband and wife. Sadly, though, their final days are spent apart with each having been sent to a separate nursing home due to different medical needs.

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90-year-old David Mason in the UK suffers from terminal cancer. He knows his time left on earth is short. And being away from Sylvia, who is in a special home for those suffering dementia, just breaks his heart.

It also breaks the hearts of the nursing home staff. They can see each day how difficult it is for David to be without his wife. So they all decided to find a way to make David’s wish for “one last kiss” come true!

The sweet staff at Charlotte House in the Wirral arranged for a special reunion for David and Sylvia Mason. They wanted to give David a chance to get one last kiss from his beloved.

“I went and sat down with David and he was saying how much he misses his wife and that he'd love to spend time with her and have one last kiss with her,” said the center’s Activities Coordinator Natalie Fitch. “So we rang the family and the care home where she was staying and went to pick his wife up for the date.”

One Last Kiss Granted For Terminally Ill Husband

As the caregivers wheel Sylvia into the reception area where David awaits, her favorite son by Tom Jones — You Are My World — plays.

It’s the first time in 6 months David has seen his wife of 66 years. And their joy at seeing each other is just precious!

The two hold hands and just revel in each other’s presence. Then, David hands over a bundle of heart balloons.

“He was so happy when she was wheeled through the door. He went ‘surprise!’ And went to give her a kiss,” Natalie said. “They were telling each other how much they love and miss each other and he passed her the love heart balloons. We were all blubbering in reception.”

Thankfully, the nursing home captured the sweet reunion on camera.

WATCH: Nursing Home Reunites Dying Man With His Wife

After the touching reunion upfront, the staff took David and Sylvia to the facility’s cinema room. There, the couple watched a Second World War movie and just enjoyed being together.

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“They kept talking to each other and kissing during the film,” Natalie explained. “He’s such a lovely man. He kept telling me how much he adores her and that she’s been his wife for 66 years.”

What a beautiful thing the nursing home did to brighten this couple’s final days. It’s all part of the Charlotte House’s end-of-life Wishing Well program.

“We ask each resident if they could wish to do one thing what would it be, so they don’t feel like there’s nothing left to live for,” Natalie explained.

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Then, the staff does everything they can to help make the wish come true. And it’s wonderful to see a program like this to help bring joy to the elderly at a time when life can get really hard.

This is just another beautiful example of how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us!

h/t: Irish Mirror

Featured Image: Liverpool Echo