Pentatonix Original Song For Christmas Called ‘Thank You’ Hits Hard After The Year We’ve Had

Pentatonix original song Thank You

A beautiful Pentatonix original song called Thank You is a powerful reminder of what really matters when times get tough.

Thank You by Pentatonix is an original Christmas song found on the group’s album, We Need A Little Christmas.

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And the beautiful lyrics really hit home.

"Oh Lord, it's been a year,

With little joys, and little fears

It's finally here, Christmas Day

My love, I need some hope,

A little faith, a hand to hold,

It's awfully cold, Christmas Day

Watch the snow fall down like me sometimes,

But you pick me up, and then pick me up again

Like the winter leaves, I can't survive,

Without your light

Thank you for your smile It's warmer than the fire,

Your gentle laughter is sweeter than a choir"

Thank You By Pentatonix Hits A Cord

This Pentatonix original song is so uplifting after what may have been a hard year for many people. The cello playing along in the song also elevates Thank You in such a beautiful way.

"The little play on Jingle Bells makes this feel all warm and nostalgic even though it’s new and unfamiliar," comments one person on YouTube about the video. "The emotions are deep and the lyrics reach into your soul. Each scene in the video is a Norman Rockwell painting, or maybe a snow globe. If this wins awards, that would be great. If not, that’s fine too… just know the joy this has brought to us and how amazingly gifted you are individually and collectively. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a much more sane year in 2021!"

"This song is one of PTX’s best," writes another person online. "That’s hard to do because they have nearly a decade of top-tier material in their catalog. This is Grammy-winning level original music. There’s no other music group like Pentatonix. They really are one of a kind. Love this song."

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Pentatonix is a group that just makes you smile with their music and angelic voices. We hope you enjoyed listening to their song ‘Thank You' today!

WATCH: Pentatonix Original Song For Christmas — Thank You

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