These Halls Hide The Identity Of A Secret Stranger. And Everyone LOVES This Unsolved Mystery!

There’s a mysterious stranger roaming these halls. And you’re going to love WHY!

The results are IN and it has been proven that we (as adults and parents) cannot spend enough words of affirmation on our kids. The students at this middle school in Waverly, Iowa have been surprised and touched by a mystery writer. Each locker has a Post-It note with words of encouragement. And the kids LOVE IT!

The halls are covered, as each locker at a middle school in the Waverly-Shell Rock Community School District had a Post-It note with a message like "You are important" or "You are beautiful" written on it.

The author is a mystery – no one knows who did this deed, but it’s the perfect example of what the schools have been trying to teach. Character. Especially when no one is looking.

"What we talk about as far as building character in this building, and throughout education is to be of good character when no one is watching. The important message is somebody did it and didn't want to be recognized for it," teacher Angie Wessel said.

"They didn't want an award or anything. They did it because in their heart they felt good about doing it and wanting to make someone else feel better."

Students appreciated the gesture as well.

"It's really nice whoever did it. I thought it was really sweet," many of the students have said.

Although it really doesn’t matter, the school does believe that a student is behind this beautiful act of kindness.

The school district has said, "Thanks to the student(s) who posted kind notes on every locker at the middle school today. Small acts of kindness make a big impact. Go-Hawks! Make the world a better place!"

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What a blessing! Thank you, mystery writer / student, you’ve done a wonderful thing!!

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