Rascal Flatts Crashed A Wedding And Surprised The Couple With A Song For Their First Dance

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Rascal Flatts wedding crashed when they were performed in Wisconsin. But they totally had permission and it was such a huge surprise!

Wouldn't you love to have a friend who would reach out to your all-time favorite musician and ask for them to perform at your wedding? I would love it and would be completely excited! And that's exactly what happened to this couple!

The Rascal Flatts are crashing their wedding! A fan wrote to the famous country band to tell them that her best friend is getting married. She shared the couple's story and how much they loved The Rascal Flatts. In her email, she asked if they would come by and surprise them by singing at their wedding reception.

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Brandon and Sara are getting married and coincidentally, the Rascal Flatts were already in Wisconsin to perform for Country USA. They were only an hour away from where Brandon and Sara's wedding was going to be held. So, why not agree to make a stop and crash their wedding.

The couple knew that there was going to be a surprise for them. But they did not at all except for the Rascal Flatts to serenade them at their wedding. When the band entered the room, everyone cheered and clapped with excitement. Sara could not believe her eyes and her jaw dropped to the floor! The bride and groom gave the band big hugs right before their first dance. And then they hit the dance floor with so much joy.

The song for their first dance at the reception is already arranged to be a song by the Rascal Flatts. So it was perfect to have them come and sing the song live for the newly wedded couple. What a special surprise!

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Credit: Youtube/Rascal Flatts

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