Farmer Sees A Rejected Lamb And Delivers A Beautiful Message About Rejection

godupdates rejected lamb rescued by shepherd

If you have been rejected by someone you thought would always be there for you, this message is for you. A rejected lamb shows us how we should run into the arms of our Shepherd when we experience rejection.

One morning before the Shepherd arrived to tend to his sheep, a mama sheep gave birth to two little lambs. Unfortunately, one of the lambs got separated from her mother and her twin. And when she tried to come back to her mom, her mother did not welcome her at all. The little lamb was even hungry, but her mother would not feed her.

By the time the Shepherd came to check on his sheep, the little lamb was very dirty. Her mom was really aggressive with her at this point because she was trying to run her off. The Shepherd got there just in time to take the little lamb before she got injured.

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Even though the situation may be extremely sad and unfair, the Shepherd points out that it is a beautiful depiction of how Jesus is with us when we are rejected by someone we care about. Now that the lamb has been abandoned by her mama, the Shepherd is going to take her in. He is going to clean her up, feed her and give her all the love she needs to grow big and strong.

That is exactly how the Lord is with us. When we feel as though we are a filthy mess and abandoned by those we love, God wants to draw us to Him. He wants to heal us, fix us up, and shower us with his abundant love.

WATCH: Rejected Lamb Rescued By The Shepherd

Credit: Facebook/Marcus Stanley

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