Stranger Peeks Out Window To See Young “Angel” Stop To Rescue A Stray Dog In The Rain

rescue a stray dog

Seeing a young girl rescue a stray dog had a profound impact on Mayane Rodrigues of Brazil. Mayane may have been feeling a little blue as she looked out the window on a dreary, sloppy day. But witnessing the young “angel” at work definitely brightened her day!

Ms. Rodrigues, watching from her apartment window above the street, caught sight of something quite unusual.

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She observed 13-year-old Cibely Steigelmair go out of her way to show kindness to an injured dog.

Girl Stops To Rescue A Stray Dog

Between the passing cars on the street and the falling rain, Mayane watched as Cibely removed her backpack and took off her jacket. She saw the young girl, whom she calls an angel, set her umbrella on the ground while she bent down to wrap the drenched and dripping dog with her own jacket. She then scooped up and carried the pup home!

Particularly moved by the scene, Mayane said, "It all happened so quickly. It was very emotional." She sent the video she'd captured to a friend, who then shared about how the girl rescued the stray dog on a neighborhood social media site.

And hey soon learned who this sweet angel was!

Act Of Kindness Reveals Character

Cibely's mother, Rejane Stiegelmair, was very proud of her daughter, though not surprised by her actions.

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“Cibely has a very good heart. She feels very sorry for stray dogs. If she could bring them all home, she would,” she said.

Rejane admits she was a little taken aback when her daughter arrived home "sweaty and wet" with blood on her shirt. Initially, she was worried that Cibely had been hurt. Fortunately, her daughter was fine – she’d just rescued a stray dog!

And the distressed pup was not seriously injured. Cibely's love and attention fixed the pooch right up, and the stray is no longer one. Now named Pretinha, the puppy has a new home with Cibely and her family.

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Mayane was moved by Cibely's kindness that day. Who knows what might have happened to Pretinha had she not made the moves she did to save the sweet dog's life!

"Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." Philippians 4:5

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