Pitiful Dog With Stuffed Animal Captures Hearts All Over And Now Has A New Home

dog with stuffed animal

A pitiful dog with a stuffed animal spotted wandering alone in the rain captured hearts all over. And after some special angels came to her rescue, this sweet pup now has a new home!

What would you do if you saw a dog wandering around the elements with a stuffed animal in her mouth? At first, you would wonder where her owner is. Then maybe you might see if the dog is friendly and see if she is wearing a collar with identification.

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Most people don't go through this kind of effort because they're schedules are packed and they hope the kindness of another stranger will help the poor animal. That's what happened to Nikki.

But after months of wandering the streets, some special angels finally took her in when a stranger saw her with her stuffie in the rain and made the life-saving call.

Dog With Stuffed Animal In Rain Gets Rescued

Nikki had been homeless for so long, she had bones, plastic bags, and other items in her stomach. She was also suffering from heartworm along with several other medical conditions. “She was just totally stressed out Her body wasn’t really functioning properly because she was on the roads for so long," said Gail Montgomery, co-founder of Almost Home Animal Rescue.

At first, the dog with the stuffed animal clung to her toy as if it was her anchor, afraid she would be let down once again by humans. But Nikki was blessed to be in Gail's hands. She made sure Nikki was warm, safe, and clean before starting her on a diet of rice and chicken.

The more love Nikki was shown, the less she clung to her stuffie. Her foster care family is doing just that–giving her all the love and care she missed while living on the streets.

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While she is waiting for her forever home, she is living her best life which includes spa treatments and snacks. The best part is how she is being shown unconditional love until she goes to her furever home.

May Nikk's story remind us to extend love, mercy, and compassion for our fellow human beings and God's creation. Her story is a reminder to let love take action to change someone else's life.

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"Let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth," 1 John 3:18.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Almost Home-NO KILL Rescue