Sleepy Village In The UK Issued A Scarecrow Challenge And The Results Are Unbelievable

scarecrow challenge

The residents of a small village in England participated in a scarecrow challenge. And their creative displays will bring a smile to your face!

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The homeowners in a small town called Brinklow really know how to make some comical creations using just straw! And thousands of people have visited this quaint village to get a glimpse at these artistic scarecrows.

You'll find over 80 amazing displays showcasing all sorts of characters. There's Spiderman, ET, Shrek, Minions, and the characters of Wizard of Oz – just to name a few! And after returning for the first time in three years since the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants in the Brinklow Scarecrow Festival gave it their all! What an amazing displaying of creativity!

Scarecrow Challenge For Brinklow Festival Goes Viral

The festival also had live bands and children's rides, as well as flybys from a Royal Air Force Hurricane fighter jet and a rare Lancaster bomber. Talk about a fun family event!

Peter Cox, a 66-year-old resident of Brinklow shared his thought about the whole thing.

"It's just a good bit of fun and after the last couple of years we've had that's what we can all do with," Peter said. "Everybody goes all out to create these wonderful scarecrows, a lot of time and effort goes into it and if I'm honest, people get a bit competitive too. But it's all part of the fun, and it's lovely to see so many people come from all over to see them in our little village."

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This amazing event also raised money to give to charity. What a fun way to build community and bring smiles to all.

WATCH: Thousands Flock To UK Village To See Scarecrow Challenge

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