Shaquille O’Neal Shows Unthinkable Kindness to Family with 9 Kids, Plus Tips Struggling Waitress

Shaquille O'Neal Kindness

Shaquille O’Neal's kindness may be the only thing that could overshadow his basketball career. The retired athlete recently showed unthinkable kindness to a family with 9 kids AND tipped a struggling waitress.

Karissa Collins can endlessly speak to Shaquille O'Neal’s genuine kindness. She and her husband have a beautiful family of 9 kids, and that's not an easy path for anybody. Every day requires endless energy from mom and dad just to make sure everyone has both shoes on the correct feet!

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Because they have almost 400,000 followers on their Instagram account, The Collins Kids, Shaq came across the large, loving family online just a couple of months ago. He reached out to the beautiful family on Instagram and sent them a personalized video. He told them that he loved watching all of their videos and would love to meet them. AND to call him Uncle Shaq!

Mom Amazed By Shaquille O’Neal Kindness

Just a month after meeting him in person for the first time, Shaq paid them another visit and took them out to dinner. Not only did he pay for the family's meals, but he also paid another table's bill. That table turned out to be a group from out of state in the area on mission work!

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And because the man just can't get enough of giving back to the world, he tipped their waitress $1,000. That was going to help her fix her car that just broke down.

He wasn't done blessing the family after just a meal. Shaq took them to a Mercedes dealership to replace their 12-passenger van that was a bit cramped and run down. The family got to custom-order a 15-passenger van that will better suit their needs.

Apparently, there was still more Shaquille O’Neal kindness to go around. After seeing that Karissa's husband's truck was worn and struggled to heat and cool, he went to Ford and got them a new truck!

In the adorable post about Shaq's visit, Karissa said, "He also spent time encouraging us and loving on our children and speaking life into our family. I am completely lost for words." You and me both. He's an all-around amazing guy!

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Even if we don't have the means to give back to God's children the way that Shaq does, we can spread love and kindness. Nobody will ever have too much of either, and who knows? Your kindness could be worth a million bucks to a stranger.

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