Kids Found Remains Of Baby In Trash Pile And Family Bible Helped Get Her Home

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After some kids stumbled upon a baby girl’s ashes in the trash, God made sure the remains found their way back to the heartbroken family.

Nikie Craig of Ohio often finds herself reminding her three kids not to pick things up they find on the street. But she’s glad they didn’t listen when bringing home their latest “treasure.”

As the children were walking home from school one day, they noticed something in a trash pile. They thought it was a vase and decided to bring it home. But when they showed it to mom, Nikie took a closer look, she found a piece of paper.

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And the paper revealed a sorrowful secret. This was no vase at all. The children found an urn containing a baby girl’s ashes!

“It was heartbreaking and sad. I knew I had to do the right thing,” Nikie says.

Determined to get the baby girl’s ashes back home where they belonged, Nikie turned first to the Lord. She placed the urn on top of the family Bible, looking for a little divine intervention.

“The Bible means a lot to us,” she says. “We read it and use it to teach the children right from wrong. I wanted the baby’s family to know that her ashes were definitely in a safe spot.”

Returning The Baby Girl’s Ashes

Next, Nikie decided to turn to social media. She shared her childrens’ odd find, asking for help in locating the family of the deceased. In just a matter of minutes, messages were rolling in.

“I knew there were lots of good people out there who would share the post,” Nikie said, explaining how amazed she’s been at the response. “I am still getting messages.”

A few hours later, Nikie was in touch with the baby girl’s grandma. It was an emotional phone call. Though Nikie was glad to have found the girl’s family, she was also devastated for the family’s loss.

“I was holding back tears when I was talking with her,” she explained. “I can’t imagine what they’d been going through. If this was my child, I don’t know what I’d do.”

A Bittersweet Reunion

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Credit: WTVG 13 ABC

The next day, Nikie headed out to meet up with the grandma. And the speedy turnaround shows that God certainly played a hand in the search. Less than 24-hours after Nikie’s kids found the urn, she was handing it back over to the family. And boy was she glad to get the baby girl’s ashes back to her loved ones.

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It’s still unclear how the urn wound up in the trash. But the grieving grandma couldn’t thank Nikie and her children enough for returning it.

“She gave me a big hug,” Nikie says. “She was so happy, you could tell the way she was holding the urn. I think it was a bit of closure. The family now had a piece of her, so they could live again.”

The grief this little girl’s family is already experiencing is unimaginable. To add the pain of losing her ashes must have been gut-wrenching. Thankfully, though, God made sure three precious angels stumbled upon the urn!

Bless Nickie for making sure the urn made its way back home. And for caring so lovingly for the ashes while she conducted her search. It’s always wonderful to hear stories where social media is being used to do something good!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

h/t: WTVG 13 ABC

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