Divine Intervention Leads Woman to Find Missing Bible in the Most Unusual Spot

Divine Intervention Leads Woman to Find Missing Bible in the Most Unusual Spot _ Burl Ervin _ godupdates

When she lost her gym card, Kathy Johnson never expected divine intervention to lead to a missing Bible and a new friend.

Kathy was ready for her workout but she realized that her gym membership card was missing. After checking with the staff at the gym, she turned to the parking lot. They suggested that with the recent snowfall and plowing, she might have success finding her missing card in the mounds of snow.

It seemed like an overwhelming task, but Kathy was determined to find her missing card. (That’s true gym-dedication for you!) While out digging through the snow pile, Kathy found another person’s gym card. But what she found next was so unexpected!

In what could only seem like divine intervention, Kathy found a Bible. On it was embossed the owner’s name: William Burl Ervin. As she carefully flipped through the snow-soaked pages, Kathy noticed notes and special momentos.

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Kathy decided that she would take the Bible home with her and try to find it’s owner. Taking extra care, she even went so far as to try and dry the Bible out with a fan and iron its pages!

Divine Intervention Leads To Social Media Search

Kathy posted on her Facebook page about the found Bible. She hoped that someone in her community would recognize the name and help connect her with the owner. Sure enough within minutes of her post, people were contacting her about “Mr. Burl” and giving her leads on where to find him. Within a few hours, she had his contact information. They made plans to meet so he could collect his much-missed Bible.

The local community was thrilled to hear that Kathy had found not just any Bible but “Mr.Burl’s”. He obviously had made a huge impression on those around him! Many commenters were especially grateful that Kathy tried to find the Bible’s owner instead of tossing it to the side.

Mr. Ervin was ecstatic when he picked up the Bible from Kathy. He shared that he had looked everywhere for it and couldn’t imagine how it ended up in a snow pile!

To that Kathy replied: “Imagine what I thought when the Good Book showed up at my feet!”

Kathy still hasn’t found her gym card but is hopeful that it will turn up soon. Sometimes God brings works in mysterious ways!

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