Husband Spots Miracle in Wife’s Pre-Delivery Photo After Labor Nearly Kills Her

godupdates wife's pre-delivery photo shows halo before childbirth nearly kills her fb

At first, Chris thought the halo in his pregnant wife’s pre-delivery photo was a coincidence. But when childbirth left her fighting for life, he realized it was a sign from God!

When it came time for Brigette Honey to deliver her twins, husband Chris decided to snap one last picture. Then it was off to the hospital so the couple, who already had three sons together, could meet the two newest additions to the family.

In his wife’s pre-delivery photo, a halo surrounds Brigette’s head — presumably from the flash reflecting back from the flatscreen TV.

It seemed like a coincidence at first. But now, Chris is sure it’s a sign that God was looking after their family!

Things Take A Terrifying Turn

Brigette gave birth via c-section to perfect and healthy babies — Abby and Austin. But terror soon overshadowed the joyous moment, as Brigette’s body started attacking itself.

“I went down to the second floor and there was a nurse that met me,” recalls Chris. “She asked if I was Mr. Honey and said I need you to step in this room and as soon as I walked in that room my heart dropped.”

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Brigette suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, a condition that occurs during one in 80,000 births. In an amniotic fluid embolism, amniotic fluid gets into the mother’s bloodstream, causing a serious and often deadly reaction. The survival rate is only 20 percent.

Brigette experienced internal bleeding, and both her blood pressure and heart rate dropped dangerously low. Doctors performed two emergency surgeries.

“She struggled to stay alive all night long. They were pumping her full of blood,” Chris said.

Terrified the twins would never get to know their mother, Chris put out a call for prayer on Facebook. And the response was overwhelming!

“We put it on Facebook and complete strangers, I have no clue who they are were just saying how special the family is and we just kept them updated and the amount of support was just unreal,” Chris said.

Wife’s Pre-Delivery Photo Reveals Miracle

All of the many prayers worked. Despite all the odds, Brigette’s condition stabilized. And more than just survive, Brigette amazed doctors with how quickly she recovered.

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As Chris went through pictures taken before the hospital scare, his wife’s pre-delivery photo with a halo took on a new meaning. It became clear the photo was a sign from God that everything was going to be ok!

“The man above was already with us!” he wrote in the caption for the photo.

Brigette continued to improve and was finally able to go home to her family — a day they feared would never come!

godupdates wife's pre-delivery photo shows halo before childbirth nearly kills her 2

Credit: Facebook/Brigette Honey Prayer Page

“What a true blessing God has given me and my family for protecting my lovely wife and keeping her here with us!!!” Chris wrote on Facebook.

Regardless of whether you think the halo in the photo of Brigette is just the flash or truly a sign, there’s no question God perform a miracle!

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