South Carolina Deputy Showed Compassion & It Changed Everything for Hurting Woman

south carolina deputy responds to scene and gives woman hug

A sheriff's deputy in South Carolina made a huge difference in a struggling woman's life by simply caring and showing compassion and love.

Law enforcement is often a relentless and punishing profession. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies, on a daily basis, encounter the worst elements and situations in society. Whenever something goes dramatically wrong, police officers are some of the first people who respond to the scene.

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Working in law enforcement requires officers and deputies to be able to quickly assess a situation. Failure to do so could result in them or someone else being severely injured or even killed. One deputy in South Carolina responding to a scene correctly evaluated what was going on and responded accordingly.

Deputy Eric Alligood, with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office in Greenville, South Carolina, responded to a residence. After arriving on the scene, he found a woman hurting. The woman was having "one of her hardest days," according to a post on the department's Facebook page.

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In their post, the department includes a letter from the woman thanking Deputy Alligood for his kind, gentle and human approach to the situation.

In her letter to the department, the woman writes Deputy Alligood "recognized that I just needed someone to listen." For the woman, the deputy was "someone to show they cared at that present moment and to be compassionate."

The Deputy Responded With Kindness, Gave the Hurting Woman a Hug

In addition to the letter from the woman, the department added two photos. One of the pictures shows Deputy Alligood giving the hurting woman a hug. It was a simple, kind act that meant a ton to the woman.

"He'll never understand how much that hug truly meant to me," the woman writes.

However, as the woman mentions, simply putting on a police officer's or deputy's uniform does not automatically make someone worthy of praise.

"Having a uniform on doesn't make you a good person, showing someone you genuinely care is what makes you a good person," the woman's letter states.

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God bless the deputy for his kind, caring and loving approach to the woman and the situation.

"And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you."Ephesians 4:32

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h/t: County Sheriff’s Office

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