Police Rescue Dog From Turbulent Waters Only To Discover It’s Not A Dog At All

coyote NYD officers saved from river

Some of New York City's finest rushed to the scene of an animal rescue but soon found out that it wasn't exactly what they thought.

Animals are special in the eyes of God. He created animals of the land, air and sea, according to the book of Genesis. People, as they should, also have a great love for their pets. Those four-legged furry friends essentially become family members. Celebrating or recognizing a special family occasion without them often feels wrong and incomplete.

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Pet owners and, as it turns out, authorities will go to great lengths to save and protect animals from harm. However, a group of New York City police officers responded to a call of a distressed dog in the East River, according to the Miami Herald.

Police mentioned that the animal, believed to be a dog at the time, was "battling river currents."

But much to the officers’ surprise, the animal wasn't a dog at all.

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Instead of a dog, the animal was a coyote, according to a social media post from the New York Police Department. The short clip shows a couple of officers on a boat in the water as one pulls the beast to safety, up onto the water vessel.

Police Admit Not Many Coyotes Go Swimming in The East River

The clip also points out that this kind of rescue does not happen every day.

"Coyotes are common in NYC, but one swimming in the East River is not!" the caption reads.

In a follow-up comment, police admitted that while coyotes can swim, doing so in the East River would have been difficult. There are "extremely strong currents and no shoreline to swim to anywhere nearby."

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After saving the animal from drowning in the East River, the coyote was transported to a veterinarian for medical attention, police added.

Regardless of whether the animal was a dog or a coyote, the officers deserve a pat on the back for their life-saving efforts. They showed love and kindness for one of God's many creatures.

"Take care to have knowledge about the condition of your flocks, looking well after your herds."Proverbs 27:23

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h/t: Miami Herald & Twitter/@NYPD19PCT

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@NYCACC