Shelter Dog Escapes His Kennel And Cameras Reveal What A Wild Night He Had

dog escapes cage and has a fun night

A shelter dog in Pennsylvania had quite the party once the staff left for the night. He left them with a big surprise the following morning.

Dogs are kind, loving and loyal companions. Simply put, dogs are amazing creatures. However, as anyone who has been lucky enough to own a dog knows, canines can be a tad messy and can get into mischief at times.

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That is exactly what happened when Gilligan, a shelter dog at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania, got out of his kennel one evening. After the staff left for the night, Gilligan had the time of his life, according to WTAJ.

When one of the organization's employees, Joyce Ross, returned to work the next morning, she could hardly believe her eyes. She returned to find Gilligan out of his cage, "jumping around all excited." But that wasn't her only discovery.

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She found all the Bedford County Humane Society's animal toys strung out through the hallways. It was a mess, as the video on TikTok shows!

As Joyce explained, Gilligan seemed to have had a method to his madness.

The Dog Appears to Have Had A Method To His Madness and Night Of Fun

"He went through each toy, one by one, and pulled out each squeaker," she said. "And the ones that didn't have squeakers, he pulled out and then just left alone. He skipped all the ones that didn't have squeakers. He only wanted the squeakers."

Gilligan also appeared on the shelter's video surveillance camera. He runs up and down the halls with toys in his mouth as toys lay scattered throughout the shelter.

The video of Gilligan's night of fun went viral! The clip showing the aftermath of Gilligan's fun evening has been watched more than 4.5 million times.

After the video of Gilligan's escape got widespread attention, one woman offered to buy the longtime shelter dog a toy every month for the rest of his life, according to the staff.

Instead of getting upset with about the mess during the evening of fun, staff at Bedford County Humane Society had a different reaction.

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"Hey, what great way to show off our shelter and show people what fabulous dogs are waiting at the shelter," Janet Gates, the shelter's manager said.

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WATCH: Shelter Dog Escapes Cage, Has A Night Of Fun

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