Dog Keeps Breaking into Nursery and Mom Is Fed up Until She Realizes Her Baby’s Not Breathing

dog saves baby's life

An insistent dog saves a baby’s life by constantly breaking into the child’s nursery until her parents realize she’s not breathing.

Sometimes being a hero isn't easy. And that was certainly the case for one Massachusetts dog that saved his baby's life!

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Meet Henry, a Boston Terrier living with his family in the capital city of the "bay state."

Dog Saves Baby’s Life

Dogs are generally considered to be the most loving and loyal of family pets. Our pooches provide companionship and protection and fun for their owners. But, even a beloved pup can sometimes be an annoyance, like any other member of the family. That's what Henry's owner- momma thought late one night when Henry just couldn't seem to settle down.

Kelly Andrew was getting really frustrated! Henry repeatedly pushed open the nursery door where Kelly's baby girl was sleeping. The infant wasn't feeling well, so it was especially aggravating. Kelly noted that he kept "pushing open the baby's door with his battering ram head" in order to sniff her." Waking a sleeping baby is never a good thing-except when it is absolutely the best thing!

When Kelly took a closer look at the baby, during yet another trip into the nursery, she noticed that the little one wasn't breathing. The baby was rushed to the ER at Connecticut Children's hospital. Soon Kelly realized that Henry wasn't trying to be a nuisance at all. He was looking out for the baby and trying to communicate with Kelly!

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Thankfully, Kelly's daughter is doing fine. Kelly credits Henry, along with emergency room staff, with saving the baby's life, stating "I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't woken her. We don't deserve dogs."

Heroic Dog Goes Viral

The story of Henry's heroic act went viral, and folks all over have shared their experiences. Dogs sense when their owners aren't well; they recognize when something isn't right with a family member. Many people have been saved by tuned-in terriers, collies, dachshunds, and more.

Here's a tidbit about Boston Terriers. The breed is particularly stubborn. Good for hard-headed Henry! Even though he was taking some heat, he kept right on doing his thing, and it's sure that The Andrew Family wouldn't want it any other way!

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Kelly Andrew