Police Officer Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing After Pulling Mom Over For Speeding

police officer saves baby

A frightening moment was caught on camera when a police officer saves a baby who wasn’t breathing. He was pulling the mother over for speeding, and thankfully he was able to step in to save the day during this terrifying circumstance.

When you are a police officer, your days are anything but predictable. When you start a shift, you never quite know what your workday is going to be like. And every officer knows that some days can be far more emotional than others.

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Deputy W. Kimbro came face to face with this reality during a recent routine traffic stop. Deputy Kimbro works for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina. While on patrol, he noticed a speeding vehicle and pulled the car over.

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The officer was taken aback when someone came running out the car saying that a baby had stopped breathing. Body camera footage shows Deputy Kimbro running up to the mother holding her 12-day-old baby in the passenger seat.

Police Officer Saves Baby After Mother Could Not Get Her To Start Breathing

The baby stopped breathing after drinking a bottle and her mother could not get her to respond. Deputy Kimbro didn't waste any time starting life-saving techniques and making sure that the baby was not choking.

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For nearly four minutes, this quick-thinking deputy talked to the newborn and made sure that she remained alert until paramedics arrived. The baby, named Riley, was transported to the hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

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I'm so glad that this officer was able to help baby Riley in her time of need. Our heroes in blue are truly amazing and we cannot thank them enough for what they do each and every single day.

WATCH: Police Officer Saves Baby Who Stops Breathing

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