The Loyalty Of Dog Who Pushes His Owner’s Wheelchair All Around Town Melts Hearts All Over

loyalty of dog

Customs and cultures around the world vary greatly, but man's appreciation for the loyalty of a dog is universal! Our appreciation for goodness is without boundaries!

TikTok user @brendabriones9 was instantly smitten when she observed, in action, the love of a service dog for his disabled owner while on a busy street in Ecatepec, Mexico. Commenting on what a beautiful thing it was, she began recording and captured a few super touching moments between man and dog.

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User @brendabriones9's video shows the service dog, with its head tucked under the seat of his owner's wheelchair, pushing the man across the street, turning the chair into position facing the street again, and stopping at the curb.

The caring canine stands to the side of the wheelchair, demonstrating both admiration and competency as he watches his owner and the flow of traffic. He looks like there isn't anywhere on earth he'd rather be!

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It truly is amazing that dogs can be trained in this way. What a joy our dogs are to us, and what a precious gift it is that God gave dogs the temperament and capability to protect and serve!

The Heartmelting Loyalty Of A Dog

When the light is right, the man's sweet pup walks around the wheelchair, lowers his head into the pushing position, and guides his human across the street again. It is truly a beautiful friendship, and viewers echoed those sentiments.

One person commented that the loyalty of a dog reveals how they sometimes have better hearts than humans. Others questioned whether we humans deserve the love of our pooches at all. Another lamented, "’Animals don’t judge, don’t discriminate (and) don’t ridicule from afar. (They show) More humanity than all of us put together."

The TikTok video, on the account of user @brendabriones9, has now been watched 32.2 million times and has garnered 1.6 million likes! And, even though the world is a pretty scary place, kindness and love still moves us sinful humans. We still savor those precious sightings!

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"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." Colossians 3:12

WATCH: Video Shows The Loyalty Of Dog Who Pushes His Owner’s Wheelchair

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