Electric Wheelchair Dumps 81-Year-Old Into Lake But His Very Loyal Dog Saves The Day

very loyal dog

A very loyal dog is definitely a man's best friend. In this heroic story, this furry family member even saved his owner's life Harry Smith when he had taken him out for a walk. In a bizarre turn of events, Harry's electric wheelchair dumps the 81-year-old into a lake but his very loyal dog saves the day.

Harry has loved and cared for his sweet dog Sarah Jane for years. They are the best of friends but the first thing Harry will tell you about Sarah Jane is that she's the boss.

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“She’s such a good dog. Everybody in this neighborhood loves her, they all look out for her,” Harry said. Thank God she's a boss dog because she jumped into action to get Harry help when he needed it most.

Dog’s Frantic Barking Draws Help

Harry had taken Sarah Jane for her usual inspection of the neighborhood when Harry's wheelchair got stuck in the mulch. But then he knew he was in real trouble when he lost traction and slid down the side of an embankment by the lake. The next thing Harry knew was being upside down and stuck underwater.

Sarah Jane knew her owner's life was in danger. The very loyal dog barked frantically and splashed around in the water trying to get anyone and everyone's attention. And thank God she did. Her incessant barking and splashing caught the attention of Edward Suhling, Aby "Jacob" Chacko.

At first, they thought the Beagle-Hound mix was in trouble. They thought she was being attacked by alligators that sometimes frequent the lake. But once they got a closer look, the pair saw Harry's head just above the water with his wheelchair overturned. Both Edward and Aby flagged down an officer that was nearby as they raced to help their neighbor from drowning to death.

"The dog was splashing in the water," Edward said. "So we both ran over here and I jumped in the water, and my buddy grabbed his arms and I grabbed his legs and we got him up on shore."

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"As soon as I got here I saw the wheelchair and the dog and I recognized that’s Harry and I know he can’t walk," Aby said.

Very Loyal Dog Credited With Saving Owner

Once the three men pulled Harry from the water and assessed him for any injuries, they were surprised to find he was merely soaking wet and definitely shook up. This situation could have ended tragically had Harry's very loyal dog not done her best to channel her inner Lassie to get save the day.

The officer pushed Harry home but not before everyone thanked Sarah Jane for being a hero. “I gave her a treat,” Harry said. “I love her, always have, always will.”

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It's incredible how God ensures we have all that we need in this life. He knows what we need even before we ask. For Harry, it's his beloved boss dog, Sarah Jane. Because of her loyalty and devotion to her own, she brings him joy, and companionship, and even saved his life. May we all give our furry family members extra treats and rubs in honor of their friendship.

"You see, your father knows what you need before you ask him." Matthew 6:8

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