2 Police Officers Spot A Dog In Trouble And Jump In For Tense Frozen Lake Rescue

frozen lake rescue

In a tense frozen lake rescue, we see some real-life heroism at play. Two police officers put their own lives at risk, all so they can save a poor dog trapped in the icy water.

At the start of this frozen lake rescue, we see two men in frigid water. One of them is hanging on to a large log as he swims towards this dog.

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The poor animal was trapped among the frozen waters, needed some direction, and help to get out so he would survive. The man closest to the dog finally gets a hold of him. He pushes the animal towards his co-worker and they all exit the frosty waters swiftly.

This poor animal could have died from hypothermia. However, there is a sweet sacrifice of these two brave men who got uncomfortable to go rescue the dog in the frozen waters.

Dog Saved In Frozen Lake Rescue

The lake is in Huesca, Spain. There is snow covering the ground and these police officers decided to do what they do best — sacrifice. I cannot imagine how cold the water must have felt.

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Would their skin be burning from the frozen sensation? Did they get sick afterward? In the moment of need, these men did not think of their own desires, but of saving the dog at the center of this frozen lake rescue.

We too can have selfless attitudes through Christ. Jesus Himself entered into our world to rescue us from eternal death because of our sins. However, we are freed and redeemed. Because of the Holy Spirit's work in our hearts, we are capable of loving others with the same sacrificial love of Jesus.

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"And walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:2

WATCH: 2 Police Officers Save Dog In Frozen Lake Rescue

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