Mom Of Special Needs Child Opens Up About Worst Fears & Lost Friends

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Being a mom means sacrifice. But Canadian blogger Pam De Almeida opens up about how the stakes are even higher for a special needs mom like herself.

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Pam De Almeida has a beautiful daughter named Sophia. Sophia has Down Syndrome. The precious girl is an absolute blessing. So, Pam regularly shares just how much this little angel changed her life on her Facebook page, Slice of Life.

Pam usually posts heartwarming photos and stories of life with Sophia. But when Sophia suffered a blood infection, a 14 day stint in the hospital gave Pam lots of time to think. And she realized that, as a special needs mom, she had some secrets she wanted to get off her chest.

Confessions Of A Special Needs Mom

1. She’s Human

People often tell Pam what a brave mama she is. And this humble lady appreciates the praise, but doesn’t feel it is warranted.

“I do what needs to be done because I have to,” she says. “Because there isn’t another option. And this doesn’t make me special. This doesn’t make me brave.”

Bottom line, Pam is human. She cherishes her moments with Sophia. But she also worries, cries, and battles anxiety.

2. Words Hurt As Much As Sticks And Stones

Pam has a good poker face. When people make misguided or even cruel comments about her daughter with Down Syndrome, she acts as if they don’t bother her. . . but they do. Can you imagine someone calling your child a mistake?

“I have been told I should have aborted Sophia. I have been told that she will be a drain on society. I have been told that I am lucky to at least have one ‘normal’ kid at home. These words do hurt.”

The Bible talks about how our tongues hold the power of life and death. And the comments Pam faces as a special needs mom can take their toll.

3. She’s Lonely

A lot of friends have disappeared since Pam had Sophia.

“When my life got crazy busy with appointments, therapies, Doctors visits, hospital stays, and treatments, I needed you,” she writes. “I didn’t need space. There was already too much space. I have watched over the years as the ‘space’ between some friends have widened….eventually opening so wide that neither of us could come over again, and it’s heart breaking.”

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In a time when she needed support, people drifted away. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t know what to say or what to do. But as British philosopher John Stuart Mills pointed out, inaction can be just as harmful as our actions.

4. She Fears Death

Pam’s photos of Sophia and her family are always so full of life. Yet, the special needs mom admits just how much she fears losing her precious little girl.

“When your child has health issues and is pretty much at a ‘higher’ risk to develop every disease and catch every sickness there is, it worries you. You don’t let it consume you. But it’s there….hidden deep into the back corner of your brain and your heart because you know how awful it feels to even think this. To feel this way.”

Every parent fears for their child’s safety. But as Pam points out, the world holds so many more threats for children with special needs, both physically and emotionally. Pam keeps on her brave face, but deep down she can’t help but worry.

Be sure to read Pam’s full post on her Slice of Life Facebook page, HERE.

Each Life Is A Blessing

While Pam suffers these things in secret, she’s quick to point out she wouldn’t change any of it. She tells Sophia,

“No matter how hard or challenging things become, no matter how many friends walk away, no matter how many cruel comments, no matter what health issues we will face, we will face them together.”

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Pam’s candid confessions struck a chord with her followers. Other special needs moms replied to her post, admitting they shared in the same struggles.

We applaud Pam in her courage to open up. What she says is important for all of us to hear. Each and every life is a blessing!

h/t: Daily Mail

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