Parents And Grandparents Need To Know About a Dangerous Tik Tok Challenge, the ‘Skull Breaker’

tiktok challenge skull breaker

The TikTok challenge called ‘skull breaker’ is concerning, to say the least. If the name in itself doesn't cause some alarm bells, the details of the challenge no doubt will.

Already, a few participants in the fad have been hospitalized.

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The skull breaker challenge entails three people getting together. They then arrange themselves in a line. Next, the center person jumps into the air while the two people on the side, kick the center person's legs from under them.

Sound dangerous yet?

Given the wrong flooring or wrongly matched participants, people can end up with serious injuries. And if the center person doesn't jump, that can cause injury too.

Most often the center jumper falls down due to the kicks.

The challenge is typically designed as a prank and thus, the center person is usually unaware of what is about to happen.

TikTok has acted immediately against the challenge, asking its community members to report those engaging in the challenge, and restricting any video using #skullbreakerchallenge.

Dangerous Tik Tok Challenge ‘Skull Breaker’ Poses Serious Risk

This is all in an effort to keep people safe.

"We do not allow content that encourages or replicates dangerous challenges that might lead to injury," TikTok said in a memo.

In a world where technology is at the fingertips of so many people, especially our youth, we have to make sure we hold one another accountable. This definitely includes our children who are naturally impressionable and could fall into worldly pressures.

By having conversations about such ideas as peer pressure, or asking your child or grandchild about the content they watch online, you will be contributing to not only good parenting, but ensuring your child is surrounding themselves with good influences.

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Parents and grandparents should be aware that there is mature content on TikTok and other forms of social media. Where possible, you should take steps to filter out such content as the skull breaker challenge, and any other trends that are dangerous and provoking in all the wrong ways.

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