Amazing Update On Nanny Faye Chrisley Has Folks Cheering: ‘I’m In Remission, Thank God’

nanny faye reveals cancer is in remission

Reality TV star Nanny Faye Chrisley is rejoicing and thanking the good Lord above after she revealed that her cancer is in remission.

Cancer is and always will be a scary and frightening diagnosis, changing the patient and their family's lives forever. Hearing the word "cancer" come from a trusted medical professional’s mouth is one of the most terrifying moments in life. However, no matter how bleak the prognosis, Christians serve and worship the ultimate physician and healer.

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Nanny Faye Chrisley, who appeared on the popular reality TV show, Growing Up Chrisley, recently mentioned that scans revealed that she is cancer-free, according to People.

While on her granddaughter Lindsie Chrisley's podcast, the 80-year-old Nanny Faye revealed the happy news.

"As far as my health, everyone knows I've had bladder cancer. I'm in remission, thank God," she said. "I've been out moving around, doing the best I can."

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During her appearance, Nanny Faye went into even greater detail, stating that her recent scans showed no signs of cancer.

She Revealed Her Scans Showed No Signs Of Cancer

"It said that my PET scan was clear. No cancer nowhere," Nanny Faye said. "So, I didn't have to do my next treatment, but I have to come back in three months, and if everything looks good, we'll move on."

Nanny Faye was not the only one overjoyed by the good news. Her granddaughter, Lindsie, mentioned how she reacted when she first learned about the positive news.

"When I got the call that your scans were clear, it was such a relieving feeling," Lindsie said. "And I'm sure that everybody else in our family felt that exact same way."

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People reports that in 2021, Nanny Faye revealed she had been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Despite her scary ordeal, Nanny Faye seemed to keep a positive attitude. As recently as February 2023, Nanny Faye indicated she refused to give up, vowing to fight the horrible disease.

“I’m great. The world doesn’t always give you a good deck of cards to play with so you play with them the best you can,” she said. "You get up, brush yourself off and keep going. I’m early to bed, early to rise. It makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Praise God! He is still fully capable of performing miracles.

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"My loved one, it is my prayer that you may do well in all things, and be healthy in body, even as your soul does well."3 John 1:2


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