Young Boy Impersonates A Preacher For His Elementary School Career Day

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It is career day at this elementary school and one of the students went over the top with his presentation. This young boy preaches to his entire classroom, playing the part really well!

When Jordan's elementary school teacher announced that she wanted the students to come dressed as if they are in the career field they aspire to work in, Jordan knew exactly what he wanted to be. He came to school on career day dressed in a suit and tie with a handkerchief in his hand.

He aspires to be a preacher. And he is definitely dressed as if it is Sunday morning. He then stands in the middle of the classroom, with his classmates surrounding him and begins to give a sermon.

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He must pay close attention in church because he flows through his message as if he actually does this on a regular basis. Pastor Jordan is very expressive as he shares with his classmates how God is a healer. He encourages his classmates to trust God because He is always there when we need Him.

Then he began to share his testimony on when God healed him from pneumonia. Even though he is impersonating a preacher, he is sharing the truth that we need to be reminded of. If he is this fired up now, imagine how he would be when he really becomes a preacher when he grows up! It is so sweet to hear him share his experiences from his short life to show the power of God in his life. Who else wants to go to his church when he grows up?

WATCH: Young Boy Preaches To His Classmates

Credit: Rumble/Marykat83

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