Sisters Make A Joke About Getting Pregnant At The Same Time And Months Later, It Happens

sisters pregnant at the same time

These four sisters, pregnant at the same time, are living out their childhood dreams! The daughters of former California State Senator, Ted Gaines, have due dates within months of each other. Supporting one another through their pregnancy ups and downs, the Gaines sisters feel blessed to have this experience.

Caroline, Amy, and Haley were incredibly excited when their other sister, Katie, shared her pregnancy news. The sisters joked about all trying to get pregnant at the same time and realized the other three were definitely up for having a baby!

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“We had made a joke earlier in the year of, ‘Hey, we should all get pregnant in 2020?'” Amy said.

After the girls decided it was a great idea, they joked about getting the husbands ‘on board.' And of course, the husbands were also ready for a little bundle of joy!

Haley said, "We're all a little bit competitive, but really we all wanted to have this experience together as well.” I'd say this is the sweetest competition with the most beautiful outcome.

Caroline said, "It was just magical finding out that we get to go through this experience together."

Sisters Blessed To Be Pregnant At The Same Time

The sisters love being able to talk about their symptoms and steps along the way. "The amount of support that we can have calling each other almost daily has just been honestly the coolest ever."

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What else are you going to do during a pandemic when most people are staying at home as much as possible?

Katie gave birth at the beginning of April, and the baby's new cousins are all expected before the end of July. This is truly one of the most wholesome jokes (that wasn't really a joke) of all time!

These four little 2021 babies will have the coolest story to tell when they're older!

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These little blessings are clearly joining a big, loving family. We couldn't be happier for the Gaines sisters and pray for safe deliveries!

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