6 Children Meet A Real Life Guide Dog And They Are So Fascinated

Godupdates kids meet guide dog

Camille sat down with 6 children to share with them what it is like to be visually impaired. She introduced her guide dog, Egan, to them and they were so excited about all they learned.

Camille is visually impaired and needs a guide dog to help her get around. The children were very curious about Camille's life with her guide dog, Egan, so they thoroughly enjoyed their conversation. Egan is only three-years-old, but he does so well with his responsibility to keep Camille safe when she is walking.

The loyal guide dog does a great job of leading her. He pulls her back when cars are passing, and he knows where everything is. "He is a pretty smart dog", one of the darling children realized. And he certainly is!

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One of the children asked to pet Egan and Camille was appreciative that he asked. But she explains that when Egan is working, it is best to not allow someone to pet him. But she promised that she would let him pet the hard-working dog at the end of their talk.

Even though Egan is trained to help, he still keeps Camille on the tip of her toes. She shares that Egan snuck a few bites of her dinner off the counter one day. He has such a great personality and he even has a few tricks up his furry sleeve. He sits when Camille invited the children to command him to and even shook their hands when they asked him to shake.

She shares that the hardest thing about being blind is that she can not see her children's faces. But having Egan made her life a little easier and she is most thankful for him. He is such a wonderful dog!

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Credit: Youtube/Hiho Kids

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