8-Day-Old Conjoined Twins Are Youngest Ever To Be Separated

8-Day-Old Conjoined Twins Make History

Meet Lydia and Maya. These 8-day-old conjoined twins just made medical history by becoming the youngest set of conjoined twins ever to be successfully separated. The incredible team of Swiss doctors who conducted the miracle operation certainly deserve praise. But all the glory goes to the Hand of the Almighty Physician!

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The odds were stacked against these little angels right from the start. They were born 8 weeks premature, along with their triplet sister, Kamilla. Doctors were planning to let Lydia and Maya, who were joined at the liver and chest, have some time to grow before attempting to separate them. However, after just one week, it became clear there was no time to waste.

In just a week, the health of the 8-day-old conjoined twins, who weighed only 4lb 14oz combined, had deteriorated rapidly. One was receiving too much blood, causing her blood pressure to soar. It was just the opposite for the other twin. She wasn’t receiving enough blood, so her blood pressure plummeted.

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It was a life-threatening situation for both twins. And so, the pediatric surgeons at Bern University Hospital in Switzerland, decided to move forward with the risky operation in an effort to save the girls.

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The odds for success were minimal. Doctors estimated only a 1% chance of survival for the 8-day-old conjoined twins. They needed more than just excellent medical care — they needed a miracle!

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A team of 5 surgeons, 2 nurses and 6 anesthesiologists performed a tense, 5-hour surgery to separate the sisters. The operation put the twins’ shared liver under massive pressure, so the medical staff was preparing themselves for the death of both babies. But God had other plans, and the procedure was a huge success!

“It was magnificent! I will remember it my entire career,” said Dr. Barbara Wildhaber, who headed up the team during the surgical procedure.

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Maya and Lydia have been doing great since the operation. Both are putting on weight and breastfeeding. Their sister, Kamilla, is also doing well, as is mom.

What an incredible testament to the power of our God. He truly continues to perform miracles every day!

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h/t: The Telegraph / Life News