9 Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs to Honor Her Life

Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs

The world mourns the loss of legendary Gospel singer Aretha Franklin who passed away on August 16, 2018. We’ve compiled 9 Aretha Franklin Gospel songs to remember her remarkable life.

Aretha, who was 76-years-old was in hospice care, and her family hopeful that she would pull through. NME reports that the official cause of death was advanced pancreatic cancer, which Aretha has been battling since 2011.

The powerful soul singer will undoubtedly go down in music history. Influenced and inspired by gospel music, Aretha grew up in church.

Aretha spent a lot of time in church when she was younger since she was a ‘preacher’s kid’. Her dad was the minister at New Bethel Baptist Church, and that was where Aretha discovered her God-given gift for singing. Her faith was very important to Aretha so even as she began to gain fame as a singer, she maintained her gospel roots and never lost her faith.

Franklin released her first album, “Songs of Faith,” in 1956. In her 62-year career, Aretha earned an incredible 10 top-10 singles, including “I Say a Little Prayer” and “Respect.”

According to Business Insiders Aretha was one of the best-selling female artists in history with 75 million records sold worldwide. Our prayers go out to her family for their loss!

Below, please find nine of our favorite Aretha Franklin gospel songs. These hymns are so good!

9 Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Performs ‘Amazing Grace’

In this video, we're taking a look back at one of her most memorable performances from the 2014 Women Of Soul concert at The White House. During this special concert, Aretha performed one of the most powerful hymns of all time, ‘Amazing Grace.' And since she's the ‘Queen Of Soul' you know that she had to put her own unique spin on this classic. It's such a soul-stirring rendition and you can feel her passion and love through every single note.

‘Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch; like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.'

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Sings Gospel Hit “Precious Lord”

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I’m tired, I’m weak, I’m lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Sings “Precious Memories”

Precious memories how they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness, of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Sings ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus”

What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieves to bear
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Sings ‘I Say a Little Prayer”

Forever and ever, you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever and ever, we never will part
Oh, how I love you

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs: ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs: ‘He Will Wash You Whiter Than Snow’

Lord Jesus, look down from Thy throne in the skies,
And help me to make a complete sacrifice.
I give up myself, and whatever I know,
Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs: ‘ Give Yourself to Jesus’

(Give yourself to Jesus) Give yourself to Jesus
(You don’t have much time) You don’t have much time
(Give yourself to the Master) Give yourself to the Master
(He’ll make your life supply) He’ll make your life supply

WATCH: Aretha Franklin Gospel Songs: ‘There Is A Fountain Filled with Blood’

There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:

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