Woman Discovers She Was Abandoned As A Baby And Has A Reunion 30 Years Later

abandoned baby girl jessica hicks reunion

Sunday, April 25th marked a special day for Jessica Hicks, a woman abandoned as a baby girl. On this particular Sunday, Jessica met her half-siblings, Nicole and Dave, for the first time.

Jessica Hicks is a resident of Irwindale, California. She is also an adopted child, though she didn’t learn that until she was 18 years old. Upon researching her adoption, Jessica found an old article dated May 7, 1990. The article described her as a “sunburned infant was found wrapped in a blue blanket in bushes near a business complex.”

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While the article is enough to cause anyone alarm and concern, thank God her story did not end there. Rescuers found her, a family adopted her, and Jessica Hicks was able to live life.

Abandoned Baby Girl Finally Reunited

With the help of DNA testing, the abandoned baby girl was able to make the later connection with David and Nicole, her half-siblings from her father's side.

“I feel so grateful,” she said after the reunion.

Nicole shared, "I felt like, I don’t know what she’s been through, but I heard her story and I just didn’t want her to feel rejected by me.”

David added to the sentiment, “It’s awesome. I just feel like I can’t speak for anybody in the past, but it’s great that I can make up now and then going forward.”

Hearing that from her siblings made Jessica Hicks all the more grateful as she remarked having faced plenty of rejection in her life.

"And that means a lot because I’ve been rejected most of my life," she said.

The siblings' biological father has already passed. And Jessica has been unable to contact her biological mother who abandoned her as a baby girl. Maybe that will change with time.

“Even though I have not spoken to my mom yet, but I feel definitely complete. I don’t look in the mirror like, who am I?” Jessica spoke.

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Feeling complete is such a great feeling. One maybe will get to feel even better being able to meet at least one biological parent.

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