Bred And Dumped This Beautiful Dog Gets The Rescue She Deserves

godupdates abandoned yellow labrador

The Hope For Paws rescue team received a call about an abandoned yellow Labrador. People have tried to capture her before, but they were not successful, so the team was called to handle the job.

When the Hope For Paws Team showed up, they spotted the yellow Labrador fast asleep by a fence. They tried to put the leash on through the fence to wrap it around her neck, but that did not work. They were not fast enough. She woke up right when they had it close enough to her.

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She ran away. Even though she was exhausted, she ran very fast. The team kept sight of her and continued to follow her around the neighborhood. They tried to put the leash around her once more, but she got away again.

The team saw that she ran into another yard and hid under a trailer in a neighbor's yard. They crawled under the trailer with her and this time, she did not run. She was so scared. But she stayed still enough for the rescuer to get the leash around her neck.

She was very calm at this point and allowed the rescuers to pet her. They discovered that she was abandoned after being used for breeding. They carried her to the car to be taken to the hospital. When they got to the hospital, she refused to eat at first, but she wagged her tail when everyone tried to interact with her. With just a little bit of care, she would be all ready for adoption!

WATCH: Rescue Team Saves Abandoned Yellow Labrador

Credit: Youtube/Hope For Paws – Offical Rescue Channel

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