Actress from ‘Home Alone’ Once Got Confronted Over Her Parenting & It’s a Pretty Funny Story

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Catherine O'Hara is the actress from “Home Alone” who played Kevin's mother in the film. And one day, she found herself answering some “tough” parenting questions from an unlikely source!

All families have holiday traditions they partake in every Christmas season. Some enjoy decorating the tree together. Others may wrap presents or make a special dish or sugary treat together. But no matter what families do, all have movies they must watch every single year. If that doesn't happen, can it be considered the Christmas season?

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Now, likely a popular choice for those annual Christmastime viewings are the "Home Alone" films. As most people know, those films are about a young boy mistakenly left alone by his family and must defend himself against a pair of bumbling, dimwitted criminals.

Young Fan Grills Actress From ‘Home Alone’

In a clip posted on TikTok, Catherine mentioned that she had a hysterical encounter with an 8-year-old in a shopping mall who gave her a dressing down about her lack of parenting skills in those films.

“‘Are you Kevin's mom?'” Catherine recalls the child asking. "I said, ‘Well yeah, I played Kevin's mom in a movie, yes.'"

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But the fact that Catherine's parenting or lack of Kevin took place in a movie and wasn't real still didn't sit well with this child.

"'Why did you leave him?'" the child asked her. ‘"Sorry, it was in the script," Catherine responded to her child interrogator. "So, you left him twice.' ‘I know, I'm sorry."'

As the actress from “Home Alone” points out, the youngster then accused her of abandoning her child.

This is a hilarious example that shows that movies mean different things to different people.

Some people watch the "Home Alone" films and see a hilarious comedy about a child using creative and inventive ways to protect himself while putting a couple of criminals through the wringer. Others watch it and see a sorry excuse of a mother who continually leaves her child behind during Christmas.

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Proverbs 17:22 "A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry."

WATCH: Actress From ‘Home Alone,’ Catherine O’Hara, Shares Funny Story

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