Comedian Hilariously Shares What Bedtime With Kids Is Like

Michael McIntyre on battling kids for bedtime

Michael McIntyre is a comedian and a dad. And he knows that if you can't find the humor in parenting you just might lose your mind!

In this hilarious set Michael sheds light on the four things you must do for children every single day. You have to clothe them, feed them, wash them and put them to bed. And, for most of us every single one is a battle.

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No matter how many times you get them dressed in the morning or ready for bed at night they always seem surprised that they have to put on shoes or pjs. And apparently, Michael's two boys never fail to run his wife and him in circles.

Comedian Michael McIntyre On Parenting

Whether it is dinner table negotiations or the drama of washing their hair Michael's kids are fighters and hearing him tell the stories is beyond hilarious!

And he is so right, there isn't a kid on earth who hasn't fought one of these basic things at least once. But my favorite part of all is hearing Michael laugh about the thoughts he had about being a parent before he actually became one!

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I think we all had those ideas at least once. And when he describes the unicorn of children, who puts himself to bed and loves everything you cook you just have to laugh.

We all know it will never come true but wouldn't it be nice? Oh my stars he had me laughing so hard with this one. And it is so funny to see that no matter how many decades pass kids will still be kids. Do you have any funny stories like these?

WATCH: Michael McIntyre On What Bedtime Is Really Like With Kids

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