DEA Agent Talks About Teen Drug Usage And Where Kids Could Be Hiding Drugs

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Teen drug usage is a serious thing. No parent wants to ever face the reality that teenagers are easily exposed to or even hiding drugs in their home.

But it is a sad truth and it is best to be aware, especially if you are raising a teenager. Timothy McMahon a drug enforcement administration agent took the time to warn parents of the possibilities and help them look for drugs that teens could be hiding in their rooms.

Timothy suggests that if a parent notices that their teenager has a decline in grades or if their behaviors change a bit, then it could be a result of drug use. Even though the parents may not use drugs, the teen can still bring it in the home from the outside and use it in the house.

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Drugs can hide anywhere, but teens who use drugs hide them in very unlikely objects. From stuffed animals, lipstick cases, and backpack straps, the possible hiding spaces are endless. Teens have even hiding drugs inside of the toilet.

To help parents be more aware, Timothy did an exercise with two mothers of teens. The goal is to help them develop an eye for where children usually hid drugs. Timothy urges parents to be mindful. Pay close attention to your children. And do not be afraid to look in the most random places in their rooms.

WATCH: Agent Talks About Teens Hiding Drugs

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

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