Rocker Alice Cooper’s Testimony is Shared As He Talks About His Return to Christ

alice cooper's testimony

Rock musician Alice Cooper’s powerful testimony is shared as he talks about his return to faith in Jesus Christ.

The world is a lost and fallen place, many whose inhabitants don't know Jesus or may have known Him at one point but have since fallen away. God loves all and does not want to see anyone perish. He even sent His one and only Son to die on the cross, taking our place, but He is a just and righteous God who keeps His word.

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For those who fail and refuse to let Jesus Christ into their hearts, Hell awaits them. That's a frightening thought, but in a clip posted on social media, Alice Cooper said it caused him to return to Christ. However, Christ's love ultimately opened Alice's heart, mind and eyes to see and truly understand God.

Alice Cooper’s Testimony is Shared

"I came to Christ because of my fear of God," Alice said. "I totally understood that Hell was not getting high with Jim Morrison."

Alice adds that after returning to the Lord, he heard about God’s love, which completely changed his life and perspective.

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"But I went to another church, and that pastor preached the love of Christ, which, now you put the two together, and it was exactly right," he said.

Later in the clip, Alice stated how Jesus Christ came into his heart and changed his life, turning his entire world upside down and allowing him to see clearly for the first time.

"But when the Lord opens your eyes, and you suddenly realize who you are and who He is, oh," he said.

This dramatic change caused him to almost give up music, to stop being Alice Cooper the rockstar. However, Alice's pastor at the time encouraged him to continue music but just one who follows Jesus Christ and now leads out a rockstar lifestyle.

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God has a never-ending love for all, and He will continue chasing after the lost, hoping they turn to Him. However, the ultimate decision of whether we accept Christ or deny Him is up to us.

Romans 5:8 "But God has made clear his love to us, in that, when we were still sinners, Christ gave his life for us."

WATCH: Rocker Alice Cooper Shares Powerful Testimony About His Return To Christ

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