Max Lucado Shares the Testimony of His Secret Battle with Alcohol and It’s Powerful

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At 68 years old, Max Lucado is sharing his testimony about his struggles with alcohol. In his new book titled God Never Gives Up On You, published by Thomas Nelson, Max Lucado shares that he found himself seeking help from elders to combat a problem that he'd begun to hide.

Few adults, religious or not, are unfamiliar with Max Lucado.

The author of nearly one hundred books for both kids and adults, his reach extends into other media as well. Books like The Christmas Candle and Alabaster's Song have become television movies and shows. A minister, speaker, husband, and father to three grown daughters, Mr. Lucado is a very busy man.

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However, that very same busyness led Max down a dark path, for a time. But now, he’s opening up about his secret battle!

Max Lucado Testimony Of Overcoming Alcohol

Over the years, the internationally known speaker became overwhelmed by the demands on his time. He shares in his new book that his failure to effectively address his stressful scheduling challenges during the height of his popularity in the early 2000s caused him to use alcohol in an unhealthy way.

Max wrote, "The staff needed me. The pulpit required me. The publisher was counting on me. The entire world was looking to me. So, I did what came naturally. I began to drink. Not publicly. I was the guy you see at the convenience store who buys the big can of beer, hides it in a sack, and presses it against his thigh so no one will see as he hurries out the door. My store of choice was on the other side of the city lest I be seen. I’d sit in the car, pull the can out of the sack, and guzzle the liquid until it took the edge off the sharp demands of the day."

Max understood that he may be naturally (genetically) inclined toward alcoholism. He once said, "I come from a family of alcoholism. If there’s anything about this DNA stuff, I’ve got it."

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Drinking had not been a major issue during the 20-plus years. Max drank lightly at social events and special meals. However, when he allowed his drinking to become more regular and hidden, he knew he needed help. His testimony reveals how Max Lucado faced these demons by bringing them into the light!

Light Overcomes The Darkness

After Max confessed his "hypocrisy" to the elders of the church, they prayed over him and helped him create a plan for handling the demands he faced at the time. He also shared his struggles with the church congregation, and this opened up conversations during which he was able to speak with and offer support to others dealing with similar battles.

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In God Never Gives Up On You, the best-selling author writes about another great man of God. In addition to sharing his struggle with alcohol, Mr. Lucado writes about Jacob and his failings.

While abundantly blessed and chosen by God, Jacob had issues with lying, deception, and favoritism. And King David-he didn't have it all together either!

If faith giants like Jacob and Max have faults, so do we. And if God can use them for great things, He can use us, too!

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"Then Jacob said, "Swear to me as of this day." So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob."' Genesis 25:33

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