Mom Unexpectedly Goes Into Anaphylaxis Shock And Her 8-Year-Old Son Jumped Right Into Action

8-year-old saves mom who went into shock

One young man's quick actions helped save his mother's life after she went into anaphylactic shock, experiencing a severe allergic reaction to medicine she was prescribed by her doctor.

Unfortunately, emergency situations occur, and it's always best to be prepared. No one can ever have too many supplies or have too much knowledge of what to do and when in those situations.

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Parents of young children are fully aware that emergencies are possible. Moms and dads likely start getting their youngsters ready for such circumstances by telling them to memorize important information. Children knowing their home address, their parent’s cell phone numbers and how to contact emergency services is invaluable and can be lifesaving. That was certainly the case for Alicia and Ryan Reid, according to Wales Online.

A doctor prescribed Alicia medication to help for an infection. However, she also suffers from asthma. Soon after ingesting the prescribed medicine, Alicia began feeling odd and knew something was immediately wrong. The 27-year-old wife and mother of two was experiencing an allergic reaction.

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The BBC reports that Alicia was having issues breathing and was unable to talk just minutes after taking the medication. She told the outlet that, at one point, she felt as if she were going to pass out.

Additionally, Alicia's skin turned a scarlet red color, WalesOnline reports.

Luckily for Alicia, 8-year-old Ryan and his younger brother were home from school that week. Ryan, who could tell something was wrong with his mother, contacted emergency services.

8-Year-Old Knew Who to Contact and All The Important Information When His Mom Needed Help

In what was a surprise to Alicia and her husband Cameron, Ryan knew all the pertinent information necessary to get an ambulance to the house to help his mother.

An ambulance arrived at the house minutes after Ryan's call for help.

“Usually, he's a very anxious little boy, quiet and shy," Alicia said. "I don't know how he did it. As I know I would've panicked. He let the ambulance crew where my inhalers were, my name. He just basically let them know everything."

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While at the hospital, medical professionals confirmed that Ryan was, in fact, a hero. The family learned that because Alicia has asthma, her allergic reaction could have very well killed her.

Thankfully, Ryan's quick actions and calm demeanor under pressure saved his mother's life, according to the BBC.

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"If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old, he will not be turned away from it."Proverbs 22:6


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