Heroic Dad Protects His Family, Throwing Himself in the Path of Danger to Try to Keep Them Safe

dad protects family

One man is a hero after he acted quickly and decisively and without regard for his own safety in order to protect his children.

In mid-December, Dave Miln, his wife Clare and the couple's 3-year-old daughter Isla and their 1-year-old daughter Anna were at a Northern California ski resort. The Miln family was on their way to ski lessons when things went horribly wrong, according to People.

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A motorized snow blower collided with the family. Dave, who had served in the Australian military, decided to place his body over his children to protect them from serious injury and possibly death, the outlet reports.

As a result of Dave's aggressive maneuver to protect his family from the machine, he became entangled in the device. It took nearly an hour for first responders to free Dave from the snow blower, according to Inside Edition.

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Dave ended up losing both of his legs. In addition to his legs, a GoFundMe set up for Dave and his family states that he also broke "both femurs, pelvis, a number of lower vertebrae, a sacral" and "3 ribs."

GoFundMe Page Raises Money For the Family

The page mentions that Dave has gone through 10 different surgeries.

Dave was not the only member of his family who suffered injuries in the incident. People reports that while Anna was not hurt, 3-year-old Isla did have quite significant injuries.

Isla, the GoFundMe page states, ended up with two broken legs, a fractured pelvis and other various wounds. The page then goes on to state that Isla, because of her injuries, has undergone three surgeries. She is "expected to make a full physical recovery” the page adds.

The GoFundMe page has a stated goal of $150,000 for the Miln family. At this time, the page has brought in a little less than $136,000 in donations for the family.

What an act of love from this husband and father of 2! He put himself in harm’s way to protect and save the lives of his young girls.

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"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." – John 15:13

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