Heroic Dad Fights For Life After Diving Head First Off Balcony To Save His Son

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Brad Lewis spotted danger when his 8-year-old son started going over a balcony railing. That’s when Brad’s dad reflexes kicked in. But while the heroic dad’s balcony fall may have saved his son, it fractured his skull and left him fighting for life.

Brad Lewis of Australia is a dad who’d do anything for his two sons, Oscar and Connor. The loving father didn’t think twice about putting his own life on the line in an attempt to save his son.

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The incident is a heavy reminder of how life can change in an instant. One minute Brad was playing with 8-year-old Oscar, the oldest of his two sons. The next, he was falling 13 feet head first to the ground below.

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Courage During Dad’s Balcony Fall

Oscar and Brad were having a nerf gun battle at Brad’s friend’s house. As Oscar playfully fired at his dad, one of the foam bullets flew over the balcony. As Oscar ran to the railing to see where the bullet went, Brad’s instincts instantly registered danger.

Oscar lost his balance and started to topple over the rail. And the quick-thinking father leaped into action with only one goal in mind — to save his son!

Brad lunged and grabbed at his son. But there was no stopping the fall. Instead, the burst of momentum carried both of them over the railing, head first.

And so, during the dad’s balcony fall, Brad protectively pinned Oscar to his chest and wrapped his body around him in an attempt to spare his son from the impact.

He succeeded, for the most part. The pair dropped 13 feet from the balcony. So, Brad couldn’t completely spare his son from injury. But he did manage to take the brunt of the terrible fall.

Results From Dad’s Balcony Fall

Brad landed right on his head, taking the full force of the fall. And despite the intense pain, Brad’s first thought was of his children.

"Are the kids OK?” he asked his friend Beau, who’d run to his side after the fall. “Don't let them see me like this, don't let me die, mate."

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The brave dad suffered major damage to his skull and C6 vertebrae, among other injuries. But he survived — a miracle, indeed!

“Doctors have expressed their astonishment that Brad is in fact still alive having sustained the injuries that he did,” said a family friend in an update on the dad’s condition.

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As for Oscar, the jolt from the drop temporarily knocked him out. The boy suffered from a concussion, fractured his skull, had some bruising to his brain, and a few other minor injuries.

But wrapped in the cocoon of his dad’s embrace, Oscar fared far better than he would have. If not for his father’s heroic act, his little body likely wouldn’t have survived the fall.

Praying For Healing After Dad’s Balcony Fall

Oscar is healing physically but has also been working through emotional wounds as a result of the traumatic event. For a while, he remained glued to his mother’s side and insisted on sleeping with pillows surrounding him, for fear of falling out of the bed.

For Brad, doctors expect a long road to recovery — at least six to twelve months. But God blessed Brad with a strong spirit and he’s fighting through.

"He's a tough guy," his friend, Beau, said.

A few weeks after the accident, the hospital released the Brad and sent him home to recover with his family. His return was especially celebrated by Oscar, who said he missed his Daddy’s hugs most while he was away.

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With all of the injuries he sustained, Brad’s condition still amazes his doctors. The fact that he’s walking and talking is nothing short of a miracle. The long-term effects on his brain still remain unclear, but his friends and family are praying he’ll be back to his old self before long.

Grateful Hearts After Dad’s Balcony Fall

With hospital bills and still plenty of recovery costs ahead, friends and family were quick to set up a GoFundMe page. They hope to help ease the financial strain of medical bills for Brad and his wife, Suz. In less than a month, the page raised nearly $100,000. And the couple wasted no time publicly expressing their gratitude:

“While the family is still trying to come to terms with what happened, they are so incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from their family, friends and the wider community — many of you they don’t even know.”

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Those who know Brad are quick to point out that this selfless act of bravery is par for the course for the kind man.

“Brad, husband to Suz, father of two boys, friend to many, a former army officer and deep-sea diver, has always spent his days supporting others, giving more than he gets, putting smiles on faces, and being a loving family man,” a friend wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page.

And even since the accident, Brad’s constant consideration for others hasn’t changed. As everyone applauds the father’s heroic efforts, he humbly shakes off all the attention.

"I think any father would have done it for their child if put in the same situation," he said. "I sit here now thanking my lucky stars Oscar and I are both here and are moving forward."

In a text to his wife, he was quick to say his son actually saved him, calling Oscar his biggest hero. And on the GoFundMe page, Brad and Suz also extended words of appreciation to everyone who helped on the day of the accident.

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What an incredible act of love! Let’s be sure to lift this devoted father up in prayer for continued healing.

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