Woman Spots Her Aquarium For A Turtle And Can’t Stop Laughing At What She Sees

woman couldn't quit laughing when she looked at an aquarium for turtle

A woman cleaning around her house quickly glanced at her turtle's aquarium and spotted an unusual occupant lounging in the reptile's tank, or did she?

Anyone who has ever been the proud owner of a dog or a cat knows they enjoy relaxing. Felines and canines require an absurd amount of naps and extended periods of uninterrupted sleep. Dogs and cats show that it must get tiring from...sleeping so much.

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Not only do dogs and cats sleep a lot, but it's where they choose to sleep and relax that can be a bit baffling. Cats, especially, will sleep and lay around in locations, spaces and positions that do not appear to be even remotely comfortable. Nevertheless, sleep and relaxation, they must get.

However, one woman, Tracey Noble, was cleaning her house when she spotted her corgi, Barkley Stumps, lounging and hanging out with her turtle, Larry, according to The Dodo. Of course, this was startling because, being a turtle, Larry resides in an aquarium filled with water.

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Perhaps Tracey was mistaken about Barkley Stumps' location because it was just a quick glance after all. She looked back again, and yes, it appeared that Barkley Stumps was relaxing in Larry's glass box filled with water, as photos posted on Facebook show.

"I started laughing and grabbed my phone," Tracey said. "It was magical. Barkley was in the tank!"

Tracey And Her Daughter Got Quite The Laugh Out Of The Dog’s “Position”

The outlet reports that instead of Barkley Stumps being in the water, it was an optical created by the sun early one morning. The canine was actually sitting calmly on the floor behind her, but due to the reflection from the sun, Barkley Stumps looked to be sitting perfectly and without a care in the world in the aquarium.

Tracey wasn't the only person who got a kick out of the funny reflection. She called her daughter to come and take in the hilarious sight.

“Barkley was excited that we were laughing and that he was the center of attention, for sure!" Tracey said.

Dogs and cats enjoy lounging and will do it nearly anywhere, but I'm sure they have mastered the ability to hang out underwater...yet.

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"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."Genesis 1:21

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h/t: The Dodo & Facebook.com/Barkley Stumps

Featured Image Credit: Facebook.com/Barkley Stumps