Parrot At The Vet Won’t Stop ‘Laughing’ And He Has Everyone Else Cracking Up Too

parrot at the vet laughing

If you need a good laugh, Paco the Parrot at the vet is sure to deliver. His antics while getting his wings and nails trimmed had the whole office cracking up!

When I first watched the video, I thought it was the woman vet tech laughing until I realized, it was indeed the parrot. This laughing parrot has the whole vet office crying with laughter.

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The Bible says that laughter is the best medicine and there is plenty of research, proverbs, and quotes to back it up. But who knew a parrot could bring so much joy? I certainly didn't until this video showed up in my TikTok feed and you do not want to miss it.

Parrot At The Vet Won’t Stop ‘Laughing’

The Pennsylvanian Petland staff had no idea what a treat they were in for when a parrot by the name of Paco came in to see the vet for a routine wing clip and nail trim.

This comical parrot was nervous about his nail trim and it's obvious by the way he comments, Paco is well loved and mirrors his owner's laugh perfectly. She must be a woman who loves hard and laughs often. As the vet tech begins to trim his wings, he began his commentary with laughter and a few "Hey there baby," comments.

At one point, both vet techs are laughing so hard, that they are crying and nearly hindered from doing their jobs. It was so funny, they couldn't help but post this video to TikTok. And the video of this laughing parrot at the vet has gone viral with thousands of comments and over two million views.

One viewer mirrored my thoughts with his comment, "The fact that this bird knows how to imitate the sound of someone trying to say something while not being able to catch their breath is hilarious."

Another stated he is obviously a well-loved bird, "It's obvious that Paco is surrounded by a lot of laughter and affection in his home!"

One other viewer had me giggling when she commented, "I love how we normalized birds talking back to us like it's not the weirdest thing ever." No, no it's totally not weird.

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Thank God for the gift of laughter and our beloved feather-winged friends.

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

WATCH: Laughing Parrot At The Vet Has Everyone Cracking Up


Paco came in for a wing and nail trim today and had us crying feom laughing!

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