Heroic Dog Runs Into Flames When No One Else Could And Comes Out With Kitten In Mouth

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Despite the stereotypical relationship between cats and dogs, this pooch risked its own life in a fire to emerge a hero with none other than a fluffy kitten in its mouth. After a huge explosion in Ukraine, a factory building caught fire. The flames quickly spread to nearby buildings and homes putting people and animals in danger.

Hopefully, nobody reading this has experienced the panic of realizing the building you're in is on fire. What's possibly even worse? Watching your home go up in flames. Nobody other than a full team of firefighters could be equipped to handle a situation like this.

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Safely escaping a burning building can get dangerous and tricky, but we've always been taught to get out as quickly as possible. And by all means, do NOT go back inside for any reason.

Hero Dog Runs Out Of Fire With Kitten In Mouth

An owner of one of the burning houses safely ran out the front door. Luckily, their dog came running out close behind. Unfortunately, this pooch probably never had to take a fire safety class or even know the basics of what not to do.

Stop, drop, and roll? Maybe he knew those moves when it came to getting treats, but he most likely didn't know to use them in these situations!

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The selfless pup turned around and ran straight back into the burning house. All the owner could do was helplessly watch. What was he doing? Why did he go back inside?! Dogs HAVE to know that fire = danger, right?!

As the owner painfully watched everything they own burn to the ground, including his loyal furbaby, the dog came leaping back out of the burning house. It turns out that this pooch knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

A tiny kitten laid in the dog's mouth, struggling to breathe from all the smoke. The owner, the dog, and the precious kitten all received medical care and survived. Thank you, God, for watching over this family on that day.

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The Lord will keep you safe from all evil; he will take care of your soul. The Lord will keep watch over your going out and your coming in, from this time and for ever. Psalm 121:7-8

Dog runs back into burning house to save kitten

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